Heading to Queenstown. Rows of trees are a common sight in 
New Zealand.

They are often used as windbreaks.

On the road to Christchurch, Frog Rock 
is a stopping point

for rock climbers.

En route to Lake Tasman,

the front edge of New Zealand’s 
largest glacier.

Te Paki Sand Dunes on the North 

not far from the Cape Reinga-
Te Rerenga Wairua Lighthouse.

Hot Water Beach near Mercury Bay.

It is here you come with a shovel and
 dig into the beach to release the geothermal waters just beneath the 
surface and create your own personal hot water spa.

Select the panoramic print option to capture the full breadth of panorama.

The Bay of Plenty on the
 Coromandel Peninsula. 

Unique Cactus at the 
Auckland Botanic Gardens.

A fern of New Zealand
 also taken at Auckland
 Botanic Gardens.

Milford Sound infrared.

A native New Zealand plant taken 
at Auckland Botanic Gardens.

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