Sunrise in Pahia overlooking
 The Bay of Islands.

The Milky Way as seen from Manakau
 Lodge outside of Kaikoura.

Walking on lighted suspended wood 
bridges between redwood trees at 
Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua.

The Galactic Arm in a panoramic
 overhead shot.

The glow on the 
bottom is the town of Tekapo.

We used so many forms of transportation on this trip. There were planes to get to the far distant or relatively inaccessible regions, in this instance up to Cape Reinga at the very north of the North Island.

A train takes us up into the Southern Alps up to Arthur’s Pass National Park.

There were even Gondolas...

...and many boats. As an island nation, there are a lot of water tours to dinners...

...and then on both sounds in Fjordland to see unbelievable sights.

Not to mention the occasional ferry.

The various signs were friendlier than we are accustomed to.

This purple slow-down sign was especially nice.

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