Auckland Tour Part 2- Domain Wintergardens

Our next stop on the tour was a small, but nice, botanical gardens displaying plant life native to, but not necessarily exclusive to New Zealand. However, if you stick me in the same room as a bunch of multi-colored flowers, my close-up genes get very excited and out come shots like these! Ferns were a major part of the gardens.

This particular one caught my eye. I’m fairly certain it’s a fern, but I couldn’t tell you what kind. It is certainly eye-catching. I spent a few minutes trying different angles and approaches as the tour group drifted further away. Interestingly, the first one seemed to most capture what I wanted. I wouldn’t object to going back for a re-shoot. (I’m just sayin’…)

And lastly, for whatever reason, this poor cactus is throwing it’s arms up in exasperation…


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