Auckland Tour 4-Savage Memorial and Mt Victoria

The last half of our tour included the John Michael Savage Memorial and Mount Victoria overlooking the bay. Mr. “Savage is generally regarded by academics and the general public as one of New Zealand's greatest and most revered prime ministers.” (Wikipedia) The monument serves as his resting place and the park houses a beautiful garden. It was in transition when we were there, so no great flower display, but still very nice.

These two shots are shot from opposite sides of the reflecting pool. If you climb behind the monument there is a very nice view of the water.

Note the yellowing of the hedges in this shot. This was something we would see o many trees in our travels. I first thought that this was the autumn change of colors. However, we were told that this was actually new growth of leaves and they would later turn to green.

Mt Victoria overlooks the bay around Auckland and it was a beautiful day for the view. This panorama gives a feel for the view. In the extreme left are our tour guide approaching Cheryl, Dale and one of the other tour guests. Just to the right of them is the ferry that took us back into Auckland (see the photo in parenthesis at the bottom).

From the widest to narrow, yet another plant caught my b+w eye. A leaf on the top almost looks like a bird is perched there.

I also found a field of Mario mushrooms, but for the life of me could find no evidence of Mario, Luigi, or any of the other characters!

And finally, the parenthetical view of Auckland from the ferry as we approached the terminal.


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