Auckland Tour Part 1

The drive to Auckland was longer than we anticipated, finishing off with an honest-to-goodness traffic jam. Google Maps came to our rescue with several detours to get around, we think, an accident. 

By the time we arrived at the hotel, we were plum exhausted! We scavenged through the food we brought with us from the Bay of Islands, settled in, and had an early night.

This is a shot of the traffic jam as I stuck my phone out of the driver's side window.

The next morning we were up early for a half-day tour of Auckland. It was a small group with six (I b’lieve) of us in a van-bus, so our guide, Sofire’s, talk was less of a lecture and more of a discussion.

We got our first real feel for the Maori culture and influences from her. She gave us some in-depth historical and cultural background. And, she also brought us to some pretty photogenic spots.

These first two panoramas were taken from opposite sides of Mt Eden (Maungawhau), a caldera from a long-dormant volcano outside of central Auckland. It was a bit of a walk around, but with unique views.

This tree caught my eye, as many would on this visit to New Zealand.


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