Auckland Tour 6 Infrared

I had a very strange experience the other day. I was walking on a treadmill at my local Y and as many of these devices do, it has a video screen to distract the user from the monotony of the machine. I had my own video on my phone that I was watching when I saw a scene that was oddly reminiscent of something. So I paused my video and watched for a little while as it slowly became apparent that this was the very walk that I took around the caldera of Mt Eden which I showed back in Part one of the Auckland tour!  It was truly a laugh-out-loud moment and I enjoyed the re-visit greatly!

At any rate, in the frame of reference of this post, the texture and shape of the caldera felt somewhat sensuous to me and this infrared panorama seems to capture some of that. I also timed the shot so that the dog walking his or her human  (her or his? I guess my older male sensibilities are showing through here ) appeared both at the beginning and end of the sequence. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge it on your screen.

This spooky-shot isn’t so much a prime example of IR as it is just a shot crying for b+w.

And this last one was taken at the Savage Memorial and shows the unique coloration of shooting in infrared.

All of the grass and plants were varying shades of green.


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