Auckland Bound B+W (more trees)

As many of you are already aware, black and white holds a special place in my heart. One of my tools is a Sony A6000 with its sensor converted to both infrared and black and white. This has an occasionally eerie effect since chlorophyll reflects white in the infrared spectrum. Clouds tend to highlight more and when there’s a sky in the image it is often dark. As always, I carried the camera with me at all times and pulled it out when a scene struck me.

These three shots were all taken at a rest stop pullout as we continued to Auckland . It was a dramatic coastline and very different from the forested areas we had gone through earlier that day. In this first shot, I could almost hear the disguised Dalek’s cry to “Exterminate!!”

These two trees simply demanded that I shoot them. Who was I to refuse?

Untitled photo


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