On the Road to Coromandel 2- Hills

Coastal views like this were plentiful. Progress was definitely going to be slow.

There were parts of the drive that weren’t quite coastal as we crossed the peninsula. The terrain was pretty hilly, pretty being the operative word. As we started to head inland this vista presented itself and there were “Vulture” cries from all 3 of us! (See the last entry.) I used the iPhone and the Nikon to capture this panorama. In this instance, the phone did it better.

This third stop was an iPhone two-fer. We stopped at the overlook and took in the drama as I used the phone for a panorama.

I then heard a low rumbling that almost sounded like huffing and puffing when I sighted this logging truck off in the distance. I patiently waited for it to make it up the hill and took a burst shot. This was the prime shot!


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