Mercury Bay 1- Sunset over Whitianga

At the end of our drive around the Coromandel Peninsula , our actual destination was the charming Mussel Bed Cottage and Boutique Bed & Breakfast near Cook’s Beach. It sat across a bay from the town of Whitianga. There is a private ferry that crosses the narrowest point in the bay. It’s a 5-minute ride to avoid a 30 minute + drive for a few dollars. And as you can see, it’s almost close enough to throw a ball across! This long-running ferry is a brilliant idea.

We took advantage of the ferry to go into Whitianga for some grocery shopping and a nice dinner in that building near the front of the boat.  It was a nice place called the Salt Restaurant. There are more restaurants and shops in the buildings you see behind the boat.

When the ferry dropped us off back on the other side we were greeted by this wonderful sunset. Once again, a great start to our stay near the Mercury Bay.


  • Margaret Rahn Amann

    on June 28, 2019

    Hi Marc, beautiful pictures. Love the last one. I have a similar photo I took in Bermuda last Sept. I'll email it to you soon. I can't wait to buy a 35 mm. I miss photography. I used to love taking photos.

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