Boating through Mercury Bay

On our (once again theoretical) day of rest, it was recommended by our hosts at Mussel Bed B&B that we take the Ocean Leopard Tours small boat ride around Mercury Bay to view the intriguing rock formations and cliffs as well as the Marine Reserve. The tour was fun and a photographic joy. The guide was not hamming it up, but gave us a good background for what we were seeing. He was very careful to make certain that both sides of the boat got to see the various views. Unfortunately, the tides were not cooperative and we could not go into the sea caves, but all else was wonderful.

Our first view was of the previously mentioned Whitianga Ferry, a small but reliable transport across the bay. 

All around the bay are interesting rock formations. The next post will deal with that in more detail, but these two give a bit of a tease. The first looks like a free standing rock flower pot and I’m not sure what the second reminds me of but there is something there for sure. 

This sailboat cruise called for black and white.

And Dolphins! This pod crossed paths with us in the marine preserve portion of the bay. The boat motor was shut down and we drifted as they slowly swam around and past us.


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