Mercury Bay 3- Heads and Faces

This trip, as a whole, offered so many ways to see sculptures in natural formations. In Mercury Bay (so named because Captain James Cook landed on the shores of this bay to observe a Transit of Mercury in 1769. Of all the observers placed around the world by the British, he was the only one to actually see it. He was also able to determines his exact latitude because of the observation.) It was here that Captain Cook observed a cliff that reminded him of William Shakespeare. That is either no longer visible, or, he had a bit too much to drink when he saw that. But… there are definitely faces observing the Bay.

This first seems to be saying “Dinner is served, sir. 

” Shhhh… The dragon is sleeping. (Ollie?) 

Another grim observer. 

Almost a duck? Sorta? 

A New Zealand sphinx.

And finally, “This meeting is called to order.”


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