Mercury Bay 4- Hot Water Beach

When we first arrived at the Mussel Bed B&B, I noticed a few small shovels standing like umbrellas outside their door and I just figured they were kids shovels for the beach and shrugged it off. Later on, when we asked about something called Hot Water Beach, it was suggested that we borrow a shovel and head on down the road at low tide! It turns out that there is an underground river of hot water that flows from the interior of the earth to just below the surface at Hot Water Beach. When the tide is low, people bring their shovels and simply start digging. It doesn’t take long before hot water starts oozing out where they are digging. The trick is to be close enough to the shore line that the temperature is modified by the ocean water. Once you get a small pool, you simply lie down in it and enjoy your own personal spa!

Here you see our companion, Dale, first showing us her shovel, then as she digs her way down and, finally, relaxing in the extremely soothing waters. 

Here others are enjoying the fruits of their labors, with Dale behind them.

First a nice panorama of the scene…

...and next, we learn the hazards of taking a phone panorama while people are walking in front of you.

Note the three legged woman.

And a final note: Each of these shots was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus. The Nikon did not want to go to the beach.


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