Mercury Bay 5- Shells on a Table

This one’s for our hosts at the Mussel Bed B&B, Andrea and Shane. They have a lovely place and, while we stayed in the cottage, we didn’t see the the guest wing rooms. But, if they are anything like our cottage, the rooms would be very comfy and welcoming. They were wonderful, helpful hosts and, on one occasion did us a very big favor, unasked for, and we were very grateful for that!

One of our mornings there, we were talking about my photographic interests with Andrea on the front porch. I took note of a pile of shells on the table and said that I could probably make something nice out of them as subjects. Not quite macro, but close-up work. These are for you, Andrea, and thanks again for a wonderful stay!

This was my first play at the shells. It worked...

...but this little critter-shell caught my attention and was worthy of it's own portrait!

(I had to be quick! It was shy and kept trying to escape...)


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