Mercury Bay 6- Kiwi Dundee Tour

Mercury Bay 6 The day after our Ocean Leopard Tours small boat ride around Mercury Bay, we took a nature tour/walk with an outfit called Kiwi Dundee to see the Bay from above as well as other areas in the region. The guide and owner, John Rich, is a retired Park Ranger with a deep knowledge of the area. We got to see Mercury Bay from above and it was a spectacular day with a dramatic sky. It was on this tour that we learned of the origin of the naming of Mercury Bay (discussed a couple of posts back- observations of the Transit of Mercury across the sun in 1769). We also had some pretty impressive views of the bay, including from the site of an important Maori village way up high. We closed the tour walking through the remains of a gold mining region. Not much to see there photographically, but fascinating nonetheless, and we closed the tour getting our first taste of glow worms in a small and very dark cave. There will be more on glow worms in a later post.

Overlooking Mercury Bay in B+W

The Rocks from Above (another Sphinx?)

Our guide, John, demonstrating the tensile stregnth of the plant and the medicinal value..


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