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...back in June, I had the pleasure of going to a seminar at a B&H event by the name of “The Colors of Black and White” taught by Stephen Inglimas. While I can’t call him a mentor (yet), he opened my eyes to a new way to convert color images to b+w using channels. The seminar was less than an hour, and the nuts and bolts segment was much less than that, and flew by in the blink of an eye. I tried very hard to absorb the process and was only partly successful. I spoke to him after the seminar for a couple of minutes and I got his card, and, with his assent, included him on my email list.

I tried playing around with the process when I got home and couldn’t quite get there, but I did understand what it was s’posed to be.

The first blog posting he got was the Mercury Bay posting exploring Heads and Faces. He came back to me and commented on the below image, using it to give an example of what he was speaking of. 

I’ve been mulling it over in the back of my mind all summer, knowing that at one point I would go back to him to arrange for a session in the process he uses, but still trying to figure it out to, at the very least, get started.

For whatever reason, this week things sorta came together and I figured out part of the equation! What I am posting now is my take on the example he gave me, saying that ‘the "faces" are really about form, and not color.’ I saw what he was talking about and this is the result.


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