Milky Way over Kaikoura, NZ

This one’s out of sequence. We have had very poor internet for most of the trip, and to compound that we have had even less available time to notice the very poor ’net.

There are photos to post out of the many shots I’ve taken up until now, but last night, Friday March 29th, I had an unexpected opportunity to photograph the milky way from the ‘parking lot’ at the marvelous Manakau Lodge in Kaikoura, New Zealand.

The night before I had stepped outside, saw the incredible sky, and played with my 14mm 1.8 wide angle lens. I figured out some of the vagaries of the focus and learned enough to take advantage this night.

I am so excited by this shot that I’m putting it up before others because I am so excited by it!

For the geeks and techies, this is a 20 second LE with that f-stop of 1.8. It has a wide reach so I caught the lights of the nearby town, the low-hanging clouds, and the Milky Way.


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