Past Posts

This is your source for all posts previous. For the most part they are in the order I posted 'em.

1-  Welcome to  It is what it says

2-  Tasting 1-2-3 My first experimental post

3-  Aquarium the first  Many Jelly

4-  Aquarium the second  One Dancing Jelly

5-  Aquarium III  My favorite Jelly

6-  Aquarium the Last  Just for the fun of it

7-  A Brilliant Waikiki Welcome An unexpected treat

8-  Opening to New Zealand Cape Reinga

9-  The Milky Way over Kaikoura  An out of sequence treat because WOW!

10- Cape Reinga 2 Views from the plane

11- Tidbits and last shots of Paihia

12- Driving wherein we learn the vagaries of driving on the other side of the road.

13- B+W on the way to Auckland along the coastline 

14- Auckland Tour Part 1 The start of our tour at Mt Eden

15- Auckland Tour Part 2 A visit to a Botanical Gardens

16- Auckland Tour Part 3 Botanical Black and White

17- Auckland Tour Part 4 Savage Memorial and Mt. Victoria

18- Auckland Tour Part 5 Our Tour Guide, Sofire

19- Auckland Tour Part 6 Infrared

20- On the Road to Coramandel Part 1 Another day of scenic driving

21- On the Road to Coromandel Part 2 Hills

22- On the Road to Coromandel Part 3 Black and White

23- The End of the Road At least for that day. Sunset over Whitianga.

24- Boating Through Mercury Bay A tour on a small boat.

25- Heads and Faces Imagination let loose on the cliffs

26- Hot Water Beach Digging  the beach

27- Shells on a Table all the fun, but not in our luggage

28- Kiwi Dundee Tour wherein we see Mercury Bay from above

29- Hobbiton 1- A tour of the village

30- Hobbiton 2- Continuing our walk

31- Hobbiton 3- Finishing Touches

32- We Interrupt This Blog A new Black & White Development 

33- A Stop On the Way to Rotorua Sheep

34- Rotorua's Te Puia Cultural Center Geothermal Rotorua

35- Waitomo Caves and Glow Worms Underground Caverns

Column the second!

36- Gondolas over Rotorua viewing the city from above

37- Geothermal Day Part 1- Roadsides and Cows Steam all around

38- Geothermal Day Part 2- Orakei Korako Geothermal Springs Part 1

39- Geothermal Day Part 3- Walking Through The Orakei Korako Geothermal Spring

40- Geothermal Day Part 4- A Quick One-Shot

41- Redwood Tree Walk Part 1- Rope bridges among the Redwoods in Rotorua

42- Redwood Tree Walk Part 2- The walkway at night

43- Farewell to Rotorua- A sad but filling departure

44- NPAN-Catskill January 2020 Part 1- A week-long LR/Photoshop Workshop

45- NPAN-Catskill January 2020 Part 2- Some nifty night shoots!

46- Wellington 1- Windy Wellington

47- Wellington 2 A series of Global Structures

48- Wellington 3 Te Papa Museum

49- Wellington 4- Just for the fun of it!

50- Wellington to the South Island A 3 hour cruise

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