A Stop on the Way to Rotorua

If my recollection is correct, I drove most of the way from Hobbiton to Rotorua. This is evidenced by a lack of photos. However, we needed to stop at a place called the Agrodome, just out of Rotorua, to pick up vouchers that we would need for a few attractions. When we got to the main gate we were greeted by a statue of a GIANT Ram.

New Zealand was known for its sheep industry. That has shifted dramatically to cows and dairy over the past couple of decades as the dairy industry and cattle industry have proven to be far more lucrative. New Zealand has a free-trade agreement with China and powdered milk is one of the main exports to China.

But there are still many sheep!

Next came a Sheep Warning sign. If we had any doubts about the nature of the Agrodome, they were  dispelled when we opened the car door and got a whiff of the farm show that was going on at the moment. 

And as we exited the Agrodome, we saw another sign under the Stop sign reminding us about the different side of the road driving. New Zealand was very good about making it clear to travelers which side of the road to drive on. As a matter of fact, even though I continued my mantra (“left turn into the left lane”), the only times I really had confusions were coming out of parking lots where there were no lane markings. Habits would take over and I’d gravitate to the right side of the exit.


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