Redwood Tree Walk Part 2

Continuing my treewalk…

On the Redwood TreeWalk in Rotorua, there is (are?) all sorts of lighting set up for evening time. As mentioned in the previous post, I started out in the pre-twilight and did the walk as the evening darkened around me and their little light shows and highlights took over the walkways. There were many different lighting effects ranging from bridge highlighting to changing colored lights on the tress below us.

There were even illuminated owls on trees and at the end a holographic display of a whale swimming below the walkway. It was a lot of fun and not over-crowded so I could take my time and shoot to my hearts content. It wasn’t quite light-painting, but it contained many of the same elements.

(A reminder: click on the images to enlarge them)

The illumination of the walkway was effective when you were on the bridge and visually appealing from a distance.

This was a holographic display as seen from the end of the walkway near the entrance to the park 

The whale was swimming about. It felt quite real. Fascinating.

The end/beginning of the walkway


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