Farewell to Rotorua

The evening of the Redwood Tree Walk (previous 2 posts) and the Geothermal trip was our last of three nights in Rotorua, which turned out to be a very long and, in the end, tiring day. So much so that when I went down to our car from the room to set it up in a good position to load our luggage in the morning, I found myself extremely baffled.

As I normally would, I got into the driver’s side of the car and sat there staring blankly, wondering where the steering wheel was…? 

I did finally puzzle out that it was on the "wrong" side of the car. I then knew just how tired I was.

The next morning, with some help, we loaded the car and were ready to head out. Since breakfast was included in our package, the Regent prepared us a “bit” of breakfast to take with us to the airport. Each box had to weigh a few pounds and had inside the fixings fo almost a whole day’s food! We ended up sharing with many people at the airport because it was simply too much to bring on the plane, but it was a fun breakfast!

A few final notes about our stay in Rotorua. This was where we discovered the “Polynesian Spa” which was sooooo nice we had to do it twice! We were literally one block away from a food court unlike any we had ever encountered before. It was not an assemblage of fast food eateries but a collection of restaurants in a semi open-air environment ranging from Indian to Italian to a Steak House and the very interesting and eclectic Atticus Finch. This food court was our go to for meals when we were not otherwise and otherwhere’s involved.


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