Waitomo Caves and Glow Worms

During our stay in Rotorua, we had several side-trips built in. This first was to (for me at least) a unique experience. It was a two-fold yet related experience. The first part was a tour of some caves filled with enormous stalactites and stalagmites, although more of the former. It was quite a site to see and, if I were shooting with a film camera, I would not have been able to capture them in the way I did. It was low light and lit well enough for vision, but not so much for photography. I had never been in a cavern like this and the walking tour took us well inside. 

I took a few pictures, as I tend to do. These three are the ones that stood out to me as good examples of what we saw. The first was sort of a "Ghostbusters" moment. The last one is the path we walked and gives a sense of the scale. At the very end is our group.

The second part was something that I was unable to photograph because it was, by necessity, unlit. It was a boat ride through the glow worm caves. We had seen a small sampling of glow worms when John Rich of the Kiwi Dundee tours took us into a small cave and showed us a small grouping of glow worms. That impressed us, but at the Waitomo Caves, there was a cavern absolutely filled with the glow worm lights to the point that it felt like we were under a sky absolutely filled with stars!

Had I had the time I would’ve tried to arrange a way to photograph them, but we went through the caves on a boat and at best I would’ve gotten streaks. Fortunately, we have the interwebs and the shots I’m posting here come from there via a google search for “Waitomo caves glow worms”. The credits for the two shot are Shaun Jeffers Photography. They give you a real taste of how amazing the boat ride was. These two images, are, of course, not for sale.

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