Geothermal Day Part 1- Roadsides and Cows

This entire region surrounding Rotorua is a hotbed (sorry) of geothermal activity. As I mentioned earlier, there were hot springs and spas in Rotorua, but as we drove through and then outside of Rotorua, we would see steam rising all around us. On this particular morning, we were headed to Orakei Korako Geothermal Springs. We left our hotel a bit after sunrise and got to see the steam through some interesting light angles.

It was also another day of cows a-plenty. We saw first-hand how the hills kept their neat, trimmed appearance.

Also, at one point, Dale got a phone call and we needed to pull over. We stopped right by a small herd of cattle and after the call, one particular cow caught Dale’s attention.

I love the cow’s expression. (You lookin' at me?? )

And, yet again, a tree caught my eye as it sat atop a hill observing the world around it.


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