Geothermal Day Part 2- Orakei Korako Geothermal Springs

As mentioned last post, our goal this morning was to see the highly recommended Orakei Korako Geothermal Springs (click here for their website). It is an active region with some geysers and mineral laden springs coloring the surface area. 

When we first arrived we were greeted by the below sculpted two-sided plaque. Orakei Korako is considered “the ukaipo (birthplace) of our Iwi, Tahu” and is sacred. If you click on the image, it will enlarge enough to be able to read it. There is also a visitor’s center where you pay a fee to be taken across the Waikato River to visit the springs. Because of the unstable and geothermally heated terrain, we walked on a wooden pathway with admonitions to stay on it for safety reasons. Next post will have more images of the walking tour..


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