Vineyards Part 1

The northern part of the South Island has a climate well-suited to vineyards and wine production. This was a big draw for Dale and we took advantage of it once settled in our new accommodation at the Vintners Retreat- a villa with full services and all of the fixings for a wonderful breakfast.

They, too, had a combined single-unit washer/dryer, but by now we were “experts” at it and, without stuffing the clothes, did the remainder of our laundry between excursions.

The little bit of purple in the center bottom is Dale walking and shooting in the midst of our villas with a wonderful sky!

We went to 2 different Wine-tastings on consecutive days and each site was beautiful in it’s own unique way. On our first excursion we went to the Villa Maria Marlborough Winery. We didn’t need to make a reservation for this and it was very informal there, but very friendly and accommodating. I was the designated driver, so both Dale and Cheryl could partake and enjoy. Dale liked what she sampled enough to purchase some to bring home. Photographically, this trough was attractive. I have no idea whether it was form or function, but it caught our eyes! 

Dale and her camera.

Me and my phone.

The Trough

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