Tasting 1-2-3

Good day all. This was my test shot at this blog creation. It served it's purpose and guided me to a successful page. I like the image too much to just let it go away, so I'm leaving it as a sort of Easter Egg!

I am starting a photo blog and this is my first foray into it. I’ve shot many different subjects and will try to explore them in this blog.

For the moment, I’m just posting a fun multiple exposure I shot and stacked in 2014. Multiple exposures are always fun, but most often produce a ghostly effect.

What if I tried stacking 5 images and did a lot of painting out backgrounds to enable un-ghostly effects from a rapid fire shot of a play involving Juan Lagares and, I believe, Jimmy Rollins? This is the result.

Thank you Photoshop!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you feel so inspired.

Juan Lagares slides into 2nd base

Unabashedly shameless plug, ignore if you so desire.

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  • Alice Coy Lomnicky

    on January 5, 2019

    Great job Big Moosie, and of course the subject matter is just as great!

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