On our flight over the Northern we returned over the town of Paihia and I was able to locate our accommodations, The Waterfront Suites, so, being me, I took a pic! Included is a requisite circle and arrow, just ‘cause. Also here is a shot of our intrepid pilot and tour guide, Sanjee, on the Salt Air tour of Cape Reinga.

Flying over Paihia

Coming in for a landing. Thank you, Sanjee!

Where we stayed

In an earlier post, I made mention of the iPhone as camera. The first of the three here was a panorama taken from the captain’s perch on the Bay of Islands Catamaran.

The Captain's Perch

This was taken in the CBK restaurant situated by the bay. I was struck by it’s creative depiction of a unisex bathroom.


On our last morning before a very long drive to Auckland we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise. My camera was all packed up, so I went to my pocket. Out came my camera / computer / game console / and, incidentally my phone. I am continuously amazed at what these devices can do.

A warm welcome to the day we left


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