Waikiki Welcome

There is no way that we could've expected this amazing start to our vacation. The 11-hour flight went smoothly, if pert-darn long. We got up to stretch as often as possible and that helped a great deal. We called a Lyft once we had our baggage and were picked up by a friendly driver name of Chi.

As we slowly rode into Waikiki proper, he explained that the reason we were stuck in unusually heavy Waikiki traffic was that Kaiakaua Avenue was shut down for an annual Honolulu Aloha Festival and parade in honor of the Hawaiian people and the peoples of the Pacific Rim. There was also to be a  special fireworks display tonight as a conclusion to the festivities. The show would be put on by a Japanese fireworks company and would be somewhat different than what we might be used to. Then, when we got to the hotel, we were told that our room was upgraded and had an Ocean View room on the 23rd floor. Whoa!

As it turned out, it was also the Fireworks View! And Chi was right, it was an amazing show. These 3  shots from our lanai (balcony) show a little of the uniqueness of what we saw.

The last shot occurred to me as I awakened at 4  in the morning, It was also taken from our lanai, and is of the night sky over Waikiki. It is a roughly 15-second long exposure that captured a bit more than the naked eye would see and is everything I hoped it would be.

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A tip to those coming in late:

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A Grande Finale

Fireworks At Eye Level!

Red Alert

Night Sky over Waikiki


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