Wellington Part 1

Wellington was both an absolute delight and a disappointment. The disappointment was in the very short time we had to spend in Wellington. As mentioned in the previous New Zealand post (Farewell to Rotorua), we left the Regent with 3 enormous boxed breakfasts that helped feed other folks at the airport. That was an early departure and we were met in Wellington by a gentlemen in a car that was, shall we say, a bit tight with all of our of our luggage. I thought I’d have to take a taxi to the hotel, but he was somehow able to get it all in!

We had a little time before a scheduled private, behind-the-scenes tour with a gentleman named Rangimoana Taylor at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa- the museum of the Maori peoples of New Zealand. So we wandered near the museum a bit.

It was a raw, windy day and as we walked around, we were nearly blown over a few times! It’s rather amazing that our partner-in-travels wasn’t blown into the water taking this shot!

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