Wellington 3 TePapa Museum

I have no images of the tour we took, as requested by our guide, but it was extraordinary as we went behind the scenes of the museum and got a real taste of the culture and history of the Maori. This is the southernmost region of the Polynesian peoples, whose reach extends up to Hawaii and across the ocean to South America.

We saw paintings of prominent people in the Maori history bore an incredible resemblance to our own Native Americans and there were a good many other similarities pointing to a more than casual relationship between the Native Americans and the Polynesians. We learned about their navigational and astronomy skills, their music, crafts, and sciences- medical and others.

At the tour's conclusion, we had a relaxing tea with Rangimoana and it was here that he defined us, not as tourists, but as travelers. Tourists tend to go to destinations with a single goal, like the beach or the museums or the park. Travellers go places to explore and learn about the places and the peoples. That seemed to fit us to a T! Even a year away from it, the memories of that afternoon are still very strong.

Having put the camera away for the tour, I took no photos in the museum except for these three iPhone shots.  The first is of Rangimoana with Cheryl and Dale. I'm not in it 'cause my arm wasn't long enough.

As we were getting ready to leave, this impressive display caught my eye. It speaks for itself.

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