Wellington 4- Just for the fun of it!

We had an adventure in the hotel with a single machine washer and dryer, where we learned that you should NOT put in a full load with jeans and expect it to dry! That evening found us hanging clothes all over the spacious two-bedroom suite. They were (mostly) dry in the morning.

Not too far from the hotel was a cable car to a botanical gardens that I would’ve loved to explore, but after our museum tour and early dinner and the return to the hotel, the light was getting dimmer and my partners on the tour were beat. I really wanted to at least do the cable car even if it’d be a stretch for me to walk down through the gardens, and not very photographic in low light.

The view from the top of the hill over Wellington

And now, the fun of Time Lapse

This is where the Cable Car, Trolley, and Subway fan in me comes out. If you are not a fan like me, then you'll look at these and just shrug your shoulders,.

But if you are, Enjoy!!

So I rode the car up, got out and walked around a bit and then had a flash of an idea- I have an app on my iPhone called SkyFlow, which makes the camera a time lapse device, so I set myself up in the front of the car going down by placing the phone on a ledge at the front window and hit start. I was so happy with the result I had to do it for going up as well!

Several trips later, I finally got off and headed back to the hotel. I was still enjoying the concept that I shot one more of the view outside our window

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