JoCo2020 Day 3 Monday

A Planned Sea Day

Today was Cosplay Day and it was lots of impressive. It was a day of all ship stuff. I was most pleased that I got to view the AcroYoga. Also most impressive.

So many different outfits and so much attention paid to detail. I even wore my Red Shirt with a bullseye on the back! There were many Red Shirts on board and we all complemented each other on our tastes in fashion and our obvious suicidal tendencies!

The show's variety was, shall we say, eclectic, with (at least on the Red Team's performance) a balky Power-Point display that told Ken Jennings the answer without telling him the answer.

And the night was capped off by a whole ship-load of ZOMBIES!! (ultimately headed to John Scalzi's  Prombie)

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Below are the albums sorta sorted by subject. Click on them to see that batch of images enlarged and downloadable. If you would like to see all of the photos in the gallery and download some, click here to be taken to the gallery.

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If you would like to download full high-resolution images for personal uses, such as printing, please contact me at AT gmail DOT com (or click on that link) and I will direct you to the images. If you would like to use any images commercially, also please contact me there.

Cosplay ❊ Scalzi ❊ AcroYoga

Cosplay ❊ Boggia Tuning Ukeleles ❊ Contra-Dancing ❊ Jean Grae ❊ Mega Ran ❊ DJ Riz ❊ Myq

Cosplay ❊ Jemisin ❊ Door Art

Cosplay❊Red Leader❊Worst-First❊Tybee and Mega Interview❊Fake TED Talks❊Ken Jennings

Zombie Bar and Shuffle

Zombie Prombie ❊ John Scalzi

Hello JoCo2020 SeaNauts!

Shutternaut Marc here (formerly ShutterMonkey Marc).

This is my collection of photos shot for THO under the guidance of BatSteve Petrucelli (whose home page I've linked to here). I had a ball shooting them and meeting so many of you as I did so!  I couldn't get shots of everyone on the ship, but I surely tried!

These photos are here for you to look at and, if there are any you like, to download free of charge. You can share them freely. 

In addition, you'll notice in the Nav Bar up top there is a link to My Photo Blog (sneaky-me putting my link here too...). After you've enjoyed yourself here, wander over there and see some of the shots I've been highlighting. 

In the meantime, have a ball here.

Incidentally, should you need or want to contact me, I can be reached at: at

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