JoCo2020 Day 6 Thursday

Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos? Nope.

We were informed early on that due to their concerns about the spread of Corona Virus triggered I think, by a conflict with Carnival Cruise Line Grand Turk issued a blanket ban on cruise ships. Did that get us upset? Naaaah...GAME TIME! It saddened some who had excursions planned, but overall, not so much. We are that rare group of cruisers who want to stay on the boat and PLAY! 

We were informed, though, that there would be a trade-off: Remember the Half Moon Cay Day on Sunday that wasn't? Well, tomorrow, it would be!

Soooo... all Friday events that would've happened in the morning through about 3pm were rescheduled for today when we were s'posed to be on Grand Turks. A nightmare of sorts for the programmers keeping our schedule apps current, but for us mere mortals, life was good!

And then there was the Concert with Paul and Storm at their stable best. The boat was only a little boaty and the stage was rocking with hilarity as an impromptu play was hatched wherein everybody was notthemselves! It surely twisted one's brain trying to keep up with who was posing as whom!

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Guests ❊ Origami ❊ English Country Dance ❊ Games ❊ 10 Forward ❊ Rothfuss, Flake, Jennings

Apollo 11 ❊ Enough About Me ❊ Picture This ❊ Roanhorse ❊ Swing Dance ❊ DeConnick and Flake

Book Signings

Paul and Storm and Jonathan ❊ Vance Gilbert

❊ The Play ❊

❊ Disney Singalong ❊

Goodbye Jocobot 3000 ❊ Rothfuss After Dark

Hello JoCo2020 SeaNauts!

Shutternaut Marc here (formerly ShutterMonkey Marc).

This is my collection of photos shot for THO under the guidance of BatSteve Petrucelli (whose home page I've linked to here). I had a ball shooting them and meeting so many of you as I did so!  I couldn't get shots of everyone on the ship, but I surely tried!

These photos are here for you to look at and, if there are any you like, to download free of charge. You can share them freely. 

In addition, you'll notice in the Nav Bar up top there is a link to My Photo Blog (sneaky me putting my link here too...). After you've enjoyed yourself here, wander over there and see some of the shots I've been highlighting. 

In the meantime, have a ball here.

Incidentally, should you need or want to contact me, I can be reached at: at

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