JoCo2020 Day 4 Tuesday

Dominican Republic Land Concert!! 

A successful landfall and the Dominican Republic let us in. Whew!! There was time for morning excursions if people wanted, but the main attraction would start around 5:00-ish. It opened with a big birthday song to Paul and got better from there!

This was a day I obsessed over the performers on stage. Not so many people pics today. But LOTS of fun capturing and enjoying the great performances!

Below are the albums sorta by subject. Click on one to see that batch of images enlarged and downloadable. If you would like to see all of the photos in the gallery and download some, click here to be taken to the gallery.

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If you would like to download full high-resolution images for personal uses, such as printing, please contact me at AT gmail DOT com (or click on that link) and I will direct you to the images. If you would like to use any images commercially, also please contact me there.

Guests ❊ Sights ❊ Fans ❊ BatSteve Takes a Group Photo ❊ Zombie Horde

Paul, Jonathan Intro ❊ JimBoggia

Mega Ran

Jonathan Coulton, Jim Boggia, Aimee Mann- They say it's Yer Birthday

Jonathan Coulton and Band w/Aimee Mann

Liz Phair

Hello JoCo2020 SeaNauts!

Shutternaut Marc here (formerly ShutterMonkey Marc).

This is my collection of photos shot for THO under the guidance of BatSteve Petrucelli (whose home page I've linked to here). I had a ball shooting them and meeting so many of you as I did so!  I couldn't get shots of everyone on the ship, but I surely tried!

These photos are here for you to look at and, if there are any you like, to download free of charge. You can share them freely. 

In addition, you'll notice in the Nav Bar up top there is a link to My Photo Blog (sneaky-me putting my link here too...). After you've enjoyed yourself here, wander over there and see some of the shots I've been highlighting. 

In the meantime, have a ball here.

Incidentally, should you need or want to contact me, I can be reached at: at

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