On February 10th of 2022, I came out of my Covid shell and joined Susan Magnano on the "Light Painting - Advanced Course in Central Park" experience. Susan is the owner-operator of PhotoTour Adventures, a two time presenter at the NPAN Summit, and experienced light-painter, among other things. 

I was joined by a few other folks, including a woman, Lucia, I met at the NPAN Lightroom/Photoshop workshop in Catskill New York  January of 2020, juuuuust before the pandemic hit! The reunion was fun but the shoot was even more fun.

For the most part, Susan performed the painting while we took shots at her suggestions. I brought along my brand-new, unused, and confusing Magilight Light Wand and used it In the  first  shot. I also brought along my ProtoMachines Full Color Photography Light which we used towards the end of the session. You will see that in the shots where the scenes have a green or blue cast around the Susan's wand painting.

Shooting under the roadway

The Lake we shot around

Test shot


More Playing

Changing positioning

The shot with our model, Michelle!

Walking to the next location

Our model Michelle

And we start!

Oops. Started after the flash...

Aaaaah... More betterer!

Oops. Another silhouette.

The shot!

A color change.

Light play

The shot!

Painting the town red

Painting the town blue

...and green

and now

the fun


In the below shots, I borrowed from my fascination with Multiple exposures, Rotational photography and what I like to call "Flip" photography to create even more abstract images. 

Using the Magilight as Susan Paints around our model. A double exposure.

Lakeside Painting

Using Rotational Photography as a model

Using Flip to create a symmetrical and mirror-imaged shot

Excitement with the Blues

Gallery of the shots from Central Park with Susan Magnano Painting (mostly). Click on the image below and Enjoy!!

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