NPAN-Catskill January 2020 Part 2 of 2

(Still a Shockingly Original title...)

A reminder: This is a somewhat disassociated  page from my photo blog. The blog, until these two posts has been focused on all sorts of wonderful places in New Zealand from a tour we took in March and April of 2019. After this post we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

As promised, this post is of the shots taken on Wednesday night.

My new friend Lucia and I were shooting from a park just south of the Rip van Winkle Bridge and the park was dark. For a New York City boy, looking up at a star-lit sky is awe-inspiring, thusly my interest in the National Parks At Night program. 

If I had to pick one favorite from the week, this'd be it. It was also the last shot I took from the park, but you get to see it first. Lucia and I both got our shots facing north and had turned our attentions east and south when, suddenly, at 7:30, the lights in the park all turned on! OMG! There goes our night shooting!! 

But... I walked along the edge of the river and saw that if I shifted just so, I could hide the most brilliant lamp behind the tree and bracketed 3 shots for this north view. 

Looking east over the Hudson River.

Shifting slightly south with more sky and the added bonus of a Metro North Train!

The same views after those lights were turned on, but in the second, a car drove through the scene. Another bonus!

Yet again, decisions, decisions...

I liked this view, but not enough sky, soooo...

...I turned the camera on it's side and got MORE SKY!

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